About Us

GRILL DOME was founded by Tarsem Kohli in Atlanta, GA over 20 years ago. At the time, ceramic cookers available in the market could only withstand very low cooking temperatures of only 300 to 350 degrees before cracking. Tarsem also noticed, these customers would then have to pay for expensive replacement parts to keep their cooker functioning. As an engineer, who worked for several large U.S. construction companies and won accolades for excellence in his field, Tarsem felt it would be a good challenge for him to research and develop ceramics that would withstand higher temperatures. Frankly he also felt the customer deserved a better product all together. In 1989, GRILL DOME set out to bring the best ceramic composition and best engineered design to market.

First, Tarsem was able to develop an original ceramic blend that could withstand twice the temperatures of the ceramics available on the market at the time. With this new technology, GRILL DOME was the FIRST company to offer warranties on its ceramic components. Then as the research continued over the years and the ceramics improved, GRILL DOME became the FIRST company to offer a Lifetime Warranty on its ceramics - a concept unheard of at the time. It’s no surprise that when you compare warranties line by line today, Grill Dome still offers the best warranty in the category including a 5 year warranty on gaskets as compared to 30 days.

Since these early days, GRILL DOME has expanded its lineup to four sizes with distribution in 6 other countries, with its focus being on delivering a better built product at a competitive price. Of late as the market has expanded and customers have become more educated about ceramic cookers, thousands of customers have taken notice of GRILL DOME’s focus on build quality and switched over in droves from bigger names in the category. Another unique characteristic of GRILL DOME’s product lineup from inception has been its vibrant color selection. GRILL DOME offers the largest selection of colors in the grill and smoker industry. From the beginning, Tarsem felt these products are centerpieces of people’s backyards and wanted to offer a color selection that would help compliment and SPICE UP the landscape instead of just blending in. Needless to say customers agreed and have been spicing up their backyards since 1989.

More recently in 2009, GRILL DOME officially became a family business. After growing up around the business for many years, Tarsem’s son, Ashish decided to leave his corporate life working for USBank to join GRILL DOME. GRILL DOME is now working on its next generation of products.

About the Company

GRILL DOME’s mission is to design and manufacture the best outdoor cookers in the world; design products that will assist the consumer in achieving their best cooks; and to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything about the world of bbq or grilling.

Beyond our products and passion for grilling, our competitive spirit sets us apart as well. We are confident in our products and are not afraid of comparisons like other bigger names. Unlike other companies that strong arm their dealers to sign exclusives for their product line behind the scenes, you will never find GRILL DOME employ such practices. Our focus is making the best products, educate the customer and let them make their own decision.