Cedar Wood Cooking Planks

Cedar Cooking Planks (Set of 2)
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Grill Dome Cedar Wood Grilling planks will add unique flavors and scents to the finished food. Cedar Wood Grilling Planks are great for meat, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables.


Submerge plank in water for 4 hours to produce maximum smoke on the grill. Place food on the moist Cedar Wood Plank, then on place on your Grill Dome to allow your food to absorb the flavor of the wood while keeping your food moist.


Alder Wood Cooking planks can be used to spice up the plating of your favorite cooked dish. Many other foods can be cooked on a wooden plank. Using a grilling plank will also enhance the smoky flavor.

*Package contains (2) Cedar Wood Grilling Planks.