1. How long does it take for the Grill to ship out?

a. Most Grill Dome products will ship within 24 to 48hr after time of purchase. Grill Dome products ship out Monday through Friday.

2. When should I expect my new cooker? (How long is the Transit Time?)

a.By region:

b.North West/West Coast 4 to 5 days (6 to 7)

c.Texas: 1 to 3 days ( 4 to 5)

d.North East: 3 to 4 days ( 4 to 5)

e.South East: 1 to 3 days ( 2 to 4)

3. How and when will I be notified of the delivery time?

a. (How)Through the Email address you provided at point of purchase.

b. (When)Tracking i.d. # will be sent out once the product is shipped from our warehouse. Normally within 24 to 48hrs depending on the day/time of purchase.

4. What does it look like when it arrives?

a. Grill Dome Cooker will be palletized and wrapped with cellophane. (See Photo)

b. Also see How to Inspect your new Grill Dome Kamado.

5. What if it was damaged?

a. Our mission is to get you the right product the first time. Grill Dome products leave our warehouse in showroom condition. In rare occasions a product is damaged during shipping, please keep the following in mind: It is the responsibility of the consignee to examine the products before signing off (See How to Inspect your Grill Dome Kamado Grill).

b. If the package appears damaged on the outside refuse to accept it from the carrier. Or please make sure when signing the shippers proof-of-delivery/bill of lading, include a note on the slip stating the package is or appears damaged. Inform us and the carrier immediately as it may be necessary for you to share your findings with the carrier. If you sign off without inspection a hidden damage claim can also be filed, however you will be left at the mercy of the truck lines.

6. How do I get it to my backyard?

a. Safety first, we always recommend using a minimum of two people to lift a Grill Dome Kamado. Pre-plan your walk route finding the most direct path. Make sure your grill-masters helper takes note of all obstacles prior to placement such as uneven ground, steps, and stairs. Agree on general placement prior to the move.

b. A pot lifter (Rope and handled device to lift heavy potted plants) can be used. Our packaging also works like a “pot lifter” see Photos/images.