Shipping & Returns

Grill Dome is a special product that requires special care when shipping.   We take several steps during the shipping and packaging process to ensure each unit is packed securely and reaches its destination damage free.   At Grill Dome we don’t shy away from taking any extra steps to ensure that your experience, including the delivery of the Grill Dome, is a pleasant one.

With the various shipping and packaging options available, we have selected a custom delivery experience, which emphasizes finding the most cost-effective method for each order, ensuring you get the product in a timely manner, and ensuring we are delivering a product free of any damage.  We leverage the volume of our business with trucking lines to constantly negotiate the best rates available for these services.

All Grill Dome cookers are shipped through trucking carriers on a pallet. Any items purchased in the same order with the Grill Dome are also shipped on the same pallet.

There are also some other items such as tables, Large/X-Large lids or bases that have to be shipped by a trucking carrier on a pallet. If accessories or parts are ordered separately without a Grill Dome unit, they will be shipped through UPS in a package instead.

Most of the ceramic parts such as fire boxes, fire rings require special packing to ship through UPS and may incur a packing charge in addition to the shipping charge.


As with most other types of deliveries, it is a good idea to get in touch with the truck line to set up a delivery time. In some cases, the truck lines can charge a redelivery charge if you are unable to receive the delivery.  

Truck lines usually offer “curb side delivery” as part of their basic service, which assigns the responsibility of unloading to the customer.  Due to the weight and nature of Grill Domes and/or Tables, we ask the truck lines to deliver in a lift gate truck instead for your convenience. With a “lift gate delivery” the trucking company will bring the pallet to the ground for you, saving you any inconvenience.

The shipping prices quoted on the website or via phone include the “lift gate delivery”.  Residential delivery charges are also included in these shipping charges as well.

Please contact us if you have a commercial address you would rather ship to, which can save you the residential delivery charges ($30). 

Also, you have the option of picking up directly from the terminal.

*Grill Dome cookers should be handled with care and always with help.   

*Overturning or dropping the cookers can result in damage to the cooker.

*Grill Dome cookers should not be dropped even with a pallet.

The Grill Dome cookers are double strapped onto the pallet and then shrink wrapped bottom to top. We always inspect the unit being shipped to ensure the unit does not have any superficial damage.  In some rare cases however damage can occur during the shipping process when in the possession of the trucking carrier.  In order to ensure you receive the Grill Dome without damage, we highly recommend following the steps below, (especially for those not used to communicating with a trucking line)

It is the responsibility of the consignee (receiver of the goods) to examine the goods before signing off.

For examination tear or cut the shrink wrap off so that you can examine the cooker for any external damage. The cooker is packed in clear plastic that you can see through. If you can not see through the packaging, tear off the plastic. 

Examine the following items:

  1. Inspect the hinge and the surrounding surfaces.
  2. Inspect the lid and base.

* If the driver does not let you examine the cooker from the outside, please write on the bill of lading. The driver did not let me examine the goods. You should immediately check the cooker as soon as you sign off and report any damage to the terminal and then inform Grill Dome.

** The driver should let you examine the cooker externally, but in most cases will not wait for a comprehensive inspection of the interior of the grill.  This is alright; if you find any damage after you open the cooker, let us know and we will take care of it.

Look for damage.

Look for damage that may have incurred if the pallet was dropped.  (1) We highly recommend inspecting the base of the cooker for this purpose. (2) Examine the base of the unit looking for stress cracks, as these will be easily visible to the eye. (3) Check for any deep gashes that may have been caused from the unit rubbing against another object.

In most cases you have a completely intact unit and should be good to go. Complete the process by signing the bill of lading.

What to do if you find minor/major damage.

* If you see any minor scratches or abrasions you should note such damage on the bill of lading and accept the shipment.

** If you do find substantial damage, refuse the shipment and Contact Grill Dome Immediately.

Please do your best to note down any damage or major irregularities on the bill of lading at the time of delivery, since this ensures we are able to handle the claim expeditiously.   If the damage is not noted, in most cases you are left at the mercy of the trucking line.




Here at Grill Dome, our mission is to get you the right product the first time. * Product returns must be made within fourteen (14) days of purchase. All returned products must be unopened and sealed inside the original packaging.

* Opened products will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

* Opened products must be returned with the original packaging materials.

* The customer will be 100% responsible for the shipping and handling fees associated with the return.

If the order is cancelled before it is shipped a full refund would be given back to you. Once the order has been shipped you can return the goods within fourteen days of receiving. The goods should be in new unused, undamaged condition in original packing. While returning the cooker or other items it is your responsibility to pack them properly so that they reach us back in the original condition undamaged. Before returning any goods you should call us and get a return authorization number otherwise the returned items will not be accepted. After receiving the goods a credit will be issued to your account. The amount refunded would be the total amount charged less actual shipping charges that were billed to us by the truck line or other shipping company.

The actual shipping charges both ways to and from are the responsibility of the customer and are not refundable except when the goods were damaged during shipping and were refused and returned by the consignee with due process.